Dillon Quick Check Digital Tension Meter-- the Name Says it All!

Hand held and lightweight, this simple cable tension measurement device accurately measures tension in cable guardrails, tower and stack guy lines, or other guyed constructions. Whether you're rigging cell towers, measuring the cable on a Zip Line, checking tension on Wind Turbine guy wires--or even working with stage rigging-- you don't have a lot of time to deal with manual calculations, lookup tables, or conversion charts. You need accurate tension measurement--QUICKLY.

Hand Held Tension Measurement in Five Seconds

Five seconds--that's all it takes to attach, take an accurate tension measurement, and then remove the Dillon Quick Check tension meter. If it sounds easy that's because measuring tension in cables has never been easier or more accurate. The digital accuracy of the Dillon Quick Check is the result of a fully integrated loadcell with an LCD display for instant and accurate tension testing results.

IMPORTANT: Each unit is built to order so cable sizes and types tensioned must be specified to ensure you receive the right unit. This is critical for accuracy, so when completing this form, please list all that apply.
Unique wire sizes and types are easily calibrated by the factory for up to 20 different combinations per unit.

Tower Wire Tension Testing, Guy Wire Tension Measurement--it's a Rough Environment

Outdoor tension measurement requires a rugged device designed specifically to withstand years of outdoor service. The importance of accurate cable tension in zip lines can't be underestimated and the Dillon Quick Check brings 70 years of Dillon Family experience behind every tension testing device. And, because the Dillon Quick Check uses just two AA batteries, you are guaranteed long life between charges or replacements. As a proud member of NATE, Dillon understands the tower industry; : as a result, the electronics and sensors are designed specifically to provide years of long lasting service.

Dillon Quick Check Portable Tension Meter--Features Designed to Make Your Job Easier

Easily attached on cables, the Dillon Quick Check comes with an extended lever. Sheaves (accommodating rated wires sizes of 3/16' to 1') with bearings provide the best accuracy and eliminate friction. The bright yellow finish is highly visible and comes with a soft-key interface and easy-to-read backlight display. Full text prompts take the calculations out of your hands.

Tension Testing Device Calibration

Ensuring accuracy is part of all Dillon test measurement devices. With the Dillon Quick Check, recommended calibration is 24 months (and should be checked more frequently if usage is very heavy). To help you keep accurate tension testing we provide factory recalibration services that are traceable to NIST standards. No need to even think about it, the Dillon Quick Check digital tensiometer displays "It's time to calibrate" when the due date approaches and comes with a recommended calibration due date label.

Guy Wire Tension Measurement

Dillon Quick Check Cable Tension Meter–Simply the Best

Accurate, timesaving, rugged, easy to use, lightweight, AND backed by the Dillon Family name – clearly the Dillon Quick Check tension meter is simply the best device for measuring tension. Contact us today and see how rigging cell towers with the Quick Check makes your job a lot easier. We guarantee it!