For over 70 years the Dillon Family name has been recognized as the premier source for tension measurement and force measurement. Today Dillon Dynamometers are synonymous with force measurement and now, with the availability of Dillon Quick Check, tension measurement is easier and more accurate than ever.

Dillon Quick Check-- Recognized Industry Wide for Accurate Tension Measuring

Because it only takes five seconds to attach, measure tension accurately, and then remove, the Dillon Quick Check tension testing device is widely used in many industries, including applications for:

  • Cell Tower Wire Tension Testing
  • Wind Turbine Guy Wire Tension Measurement
  • Zip Line Cable Testing
  • Utility Wire Tension Measurement
  • Highway & Parking Structure Cable Barriers

and other applications that require a tension meter designed specifically to withstand rough handling in a rugged environment.

Handheld, Lightweight Cable Tension Meter-- Dillon Quick Check Improves Safety with Efficiency

Years of design, engineering, and field testing ensure that the Dillon Quick Check has all the features built in to guarantee the best product for tension measuring--period. Each unit is calibrated by the factory for up to 20 different combinations of wire sizes and types. Accurate tension measurement is ensured with a two year warranty and regular Dillon calibration services The Quick Check display flashes "calibration due" when the due date is reached and a sticker on the unit also reminds you.
No need for charging--two AA batteries are all this precision tension meter requires. With a bright yellow finish, the Dillon Quick Check is easily recognized and easily read--even under the toughest conditions.

Dillon Quick Check and Dillon Dynamometers--Dillon Family Expertise at Your Fingertips

Whether you contact us for sales or service, your needs are met by a member of the Dillon Family. The founding family of force measurement and tension measurement still sells and supports the Dillon Family product line today. When you contact DQ Plus for Dillon Quick Check or Dillon Dynamometers sales, you can speak with Dan Dillon (great grandson of W. C. "Willie" Dillon), a key family member with first-hand application knowledge and years of expertise in all of the Dillon family's tension or force measurement device products. Dan's brother, Bill is in charge of the Calibration Service Department--ensuring all Dillon products are calibrated quickly and meet NIST standards. Proud members of NATE, the Dillon brothers understand the Tower Industry and other related tension and force measuring applications.

Dillon Quick Check and Dillon Dynamometers--the Only Choice You Need

The best products coupled with Dillon Family expertise--why go anywhere else for your tension or force measurement devices? The Dillon Family Guarantee: Contact us today and you'll be directed to the measurement device that best serves your application's requirements.